s How do I safely walk my dog at night

How do I safely walk my dog at night?

How do I safely walk my dog at night?

  • 10 February, 2022
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Dog walks give your dog an excellent chance to explore the outdoors and get the required exercise to stay healthy. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, some pet parents may prefer to walk their dog at night. It might be challenging to walk your dog in the dark as it poses threats to your pet's conventional safety. However, following the safety precautions while taking your dog for a walk at night might result in a delightful experience. Follow the tips mentioned below for walking your dog at night to ensure a safe walk for you and your furry companion.

1. Increase visibility while walking your dog at night

When you walk your dog during the day, there is enough sunlight that makes every object perfectly visible. But this is not the case during the night. It is challenging to navigate the direction in which you and your dog are going. You would not be able to see passing vehicles, joggers, bike riders, and this could result in significant accidents. Therefore to avoid such circumstances, prefer to walk on the sidewalks and carry a flashlight with you. If it is difficult for you to handle the flashlight and your dog's leash together, consider wearing a headlamp. It will ensure you have a tight grip on your dog's leash and can see things in your surroundings perfectly. Furthermore, to make sure you are visible to the drivers passing by, avoid wearing dark colored clothes. You can also purchase products like a light-up leash and collar for your dog, light-up shoes, glow sticks, and more to increase visibility during the walk at night.

2. Stick to the paths you're familiar with

It may always be interesting for some pet parents to explore new walking routes with their dog, but it's best to avoid doing so at night. This will save you and your dog from getting lost in the dark. Make sure you carry your phone with you, and your phone has enough battery till you reach back to your house. Maintaining the dog walks in a similar neighborhood will provide comfort to your dog, and you will get saved from encountering predators. As predators like raccoons, skunks, and more will not come your way if you adhere to crowded pathways.

3. Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings.

While walking your dog in the dark, make sure you pay attention to the road and avoid using your phone while walking. Also, keep your headphones at home as there is a possibility that wearing headphones during the walk will not enable you to listen to car honks. If any animal comes near your dog, he may get excited and become difficult to control, so make sure you learn to calm your dog in such situations. Therefore, you need to stay alert and pay attention for a safe walk. Furthermore, it is preferable to bring a friend along with you and consider a buddy system for walking your dog, as if your friend also has a pet, then it could be a win-win situation.

We hope the above tips will help you walk your furry baby safely at night in the dark. If your dog is not comfortable walking at night, you can schedule dog walking during the day and hire reliable dog walkers for your furry baby. We understand your busy work schedule might not spare you any time to take your dog out for a walk during the day but always remember a regular dog walk results in a calm dog. Therefore, dog walks should never be skipped to have a happy and healthy dog.

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