How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

  • June 22, 2022
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All those cuddles, snuggles, playing tug-of-war, feeding, loving, and caring Ė every pet parent expects to be the number one person on their petís list because it feels rewarding. However, given all that attention and affection, itís very much possible that your dog doesnít choose you as his favorite person.

These are the four things that dogs consider while declaring someone their favorite person:

#1 Interactions in Early Socialization Period

During the early socialization period (between birth and six months after), dogs are highly receptive to positive interactions and experiences. So, people who provide positive experiences Ė love, care, or affection Ė are going to be in your dogís good graces.

Though early socialization and interactions form much of a dogís likeness, itís possible to induce new attractions and form meaningful bonds with dogs after that. So, if you adopt an adult dog, donít worry because you can become their best human by offering continuous positive interactions.

#2 Positive Association

If youíre the one offering treats, massages, hugs, and play time, itís more likely that youíll be your dogís favorite person. Dogs form special bonds with people who are a source for happy memories and things, and therefore, itís natural that your dog will prefer you over others if youíre his happy place.

Similarly, with people that throw negative vibes at your dog, they are likely to be found on top of the most disliked people list of your dog. So, if you want your dog to be friendly with your family and friends, you can ask them to give treats and spend some quality time with your dog and form meaningful bonds.

#3 Resemblances and Similar Personality

If you and your dog have the same emotional characteristics then youíd be preferred by your dog. For example, a shy and nervous dog will find himself at great ease with an introvert and shy person. Similarly, a high-energy dog will make a high-energy person his favorite.

So, even if you spend quality time with your pet and give him all the necessary attention, itís possible that a person who your dog resembles more would be their favorite. For example, if you donít allow your dog to do something and someone else does, itís likely the other person is your dogís favorite.

Signs That You Are Your Dogís Favorite Person

Since dogs arenít great at verbal communications, they show their affection and love through their actions. Though itís possible that your dog does the same things with other people he loves, however if youíre his favorite, youíll receive this special treatment more frequently.

#1 Licking

Giving wet kisses is the excellent method that dogs use to show their affection toward a person, and if your dog licks you more than others, you know youíre his favorite!

However, other than a sign of affection, licking can also refer to submission. Moreover, licking can also be a food-seeking behavior as the salty sweat produced on our hands and face attracts dogs. So all and all, itís quite possible that licking isnít a sure sign of favoritism, but if your dog is really frequent with the kissing and licking, you are on the list of his favorite people.

#2 Velcro Behavior

If your dog is always there with you when you look down while walking and sticks to you wherever you go, itís a clear sign that your dog likes your companionship and is keen to be with you. Certainly, velcro behavior can also imply that youíre your dogís favorite person, unless he starts following someone else when youíre still there.

Itís important to note that velcro behavior is not the same as separation anxiety in dogs. Velcro dogs tend to be compassionate, playful, and listening while dogs suffering from separation anxiety tend to be depressed. So, itís essential that you know the difference and if you see the characteristics of separation anxiety in your dog you should consult a professional.

If you believe that you are not your dogís favorite person, donít stress out because all you need to do is spend some quality time with your dog. Be it a tug-of-war competition, fetch, grooming or training session, massage, or a simple eye contact, each of these things done continuously will increase your points and make you the favorite person!

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