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Christmas Safety Tips For Your Furry Baby

Christmas Safety Tips For Your Furry Baby

  • 20 December, 2021
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The most exciting part about the holidays is that you get to celebrate joy with your precious fur baby and family members. During the festive activities, your dog would be your companion in preparations, decorations, gift wrapping, and more. We need to ensure that our pets can cope with the festivities and stay safe at the same time as your pet's safety comes first. Moreover, your dog might not be used to a new Holiday schedule that includes you being occupied with a hectic tasks list and guests in the house. Check out three tips to have a happy and safe Christmas for you and your dog!

1. Be extra careful with the Christmas decorations and Gifts

The dazzling array of festive spirits can enrich your bond with your furry companion when you indulge in fun festival traditions. We suggest practicing Holiday traditions with safety. While decorating your house with fancy decorations, make sure to keep Holiday goodies out of paw's reach. Your dog may see these decor goodies as a toy to play with and can shatter them while hurting himself. He may also swallow these goodies and cause an obstruction. Look after the tree lights as your dog may trail these lights or swing them around the house, chew the cables, and hurt himself. Place the lighted candles at a height, so your dog doesn't get hurt accidentally. Moreover, If you include mistletoe, tinsels, berries, baubles, glass decors, and more for decorations, please ensure they are also out of your dog's reach.

Look after the gifts you receive or buy for Christmas. There is a possibility that someone gifts you chocolates, wine, sugary stuff, plants, and more. Your dog is the one with a great sense of smell and can find these presents easily to create a mess or cause an obstruction. Moreover, remember that plants like poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe are toxic for your dog and must be kept away from them.

2. Create a safe space & handle your guests well

Give clear instructions to your guests. At times, your naive guest may not be aware of the harmful food for your dog. In a worse situation, they cannot ignore your dog's pleading eyes and might feed him some sweets or chocolates without your notice. However, if your pet is not social and gets scared around new people, then you should create a comfortable space for your pet when you have many guests in your house. At times, your dog may not adjust to the noisy environment, so you need to make sure you give him his separate space to relax. You can dedicate one room entirely for your dog when hosting parties. Make sure to keep a comfy bed, food , water, and plenty of peace available to them.

3. Don't forget your furry baby

A dog is precious and meant to be there for your whole life. Christmas can be stressful for your dog as he may feel lonely while you are busy with the never-ending errands. Keep an eye on your dog's physical and mental wellness. Watch him for any indications of anxiety. Moreover, make sure your dog gets his daily walks to maintain physical activity and not feel bored in your absence.

Your dog's safety is our top priority! Pet sitters and dog walkers with Cuddlytails go through comprehensive background checks to provide you with a secure experience. Moreover, we assess the pet sitters and dog walkers with a pet handling assessment to inspect their abilities to offer pet care. Book a holiday pet sitter or dog walker for your furry baby during Christmas and new year while you are away! Click here to book trusted and pre-verified Holiday pet sitters or dog walkers for your furry baby!


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