Why Do Dogs Roll On Their Back

Why Do Dogs Roll On Their Back?

Why Do Dogs Roll On Their Back?

  • September 1, 2022
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Seeing your fur baby roll on their back in excitement is probably the most entertaining and satisfying thing for pet parents. However, other than showing happiness, dogs roll on their back to display other feelings or complications too.

These are the 4 reasons why dogs roll on their back:

#1 Itchy Skin

In cases where there is no other way to reach an itchy surface, a dog would roll on his back and try to relieve the itchy sensation by scratching the surface. This is a completely normal behavior unless the scratching is recurring and for a longer duration.

Though scratching is quite common in dogs, always notice if your dog is rolling more than usual or not. If he is, then contact your vet as soon as possible because the itching may be due to an allergic reaction. Also, your dog might form a secondary bacterial infection from excessive rolling that might worsen the condition so opt for medical care quickly.

#2 Leaving or Gaining Scent

Other than urinating, dogs might mark their territory by rolling on their back and spreading their scent all over the place. If your dog is rolling in a large area then he is probably trying to spread his scent and make sure everyone knows that he is the master of that area.

Also, when really impressed by a scent or trying to disguise themselves, dogs will roll in that scented place and try to smell like it.

#3 Greeting

A dog will expose her belly to you when she feels comfortable around you. A back roll along with tail wags, relaxed body language, and butt wiggles indicates that the dog is happy and looks forward to having a playful time with you.

When a dog wants to be friendly with you and doesn't consider you a threat, he might greet you with a back roll playfully.

#4 Showing Submissiveness

It's not a hidden knowledge that dogs show submission by exposing their bellies. When in a new place or between new people, a dog might roll on her back to show that she isn't a threat and doesn't mean danger to anyone.

The real meaning of your pet's body language lies in the context. When decoding your dog's back rolls, always check other signs like tail wags, muscle stiffness, and other signs of your dog's body language so that you can reach an actual result.

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