How To Keep Your Dog Safe At Dog Park?

How To Keep Your Dog Safe & Healthy At The Dog Park?

How To Keep Your Dog Safe & Healthy At The Dog Park?

  • September 24, 2022
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Playing at the dog park is surely the most fun way for your dog to exercise and maintain his health. Moreover, your dog learns to socialize with other humans and dogs, gets a chance to run without leash, and relieve himself in a dog park.

Despite all these benefits, visiting a dog park poses multiple health and safety hazards for your dog. From getting into fights with other dogs to catching fleas and parasites, there are many concerns that a dog parent needs to consider.

These are 8 the Ways You can Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy at the Dog Park:

#1 Research About The Dog Park

Gather as much information you can about the environment of the dog park you wish to visit. Read reviews from other pet parents and then decide whether the park is right for your pup. Also, make sure you thoroughly read the rules of the dog park before visiting it.

#2 Ensure Your Dog Is Healthy

If your dog shows symptoms like diarrhea, sneezing, vomiting, coughing, or other abnormal signs, he shouldn't be taken to a park as that puts other dogs' health at risk.

#3 Vaccinations and Medications

Due to the high possibility of catching diseases from a dog park, your dog should be vaccinated and on preventative medication for fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

In the case your dog is unvaccinated, keep her away from other dogs as she is more prone to catching and transmitting diseases.

#4 Make Sure Your Dog Is Trained

During a stressful encounter with other dogs or in other unwanted situations, it's your responsibility to control your dog. Thus, your dog should understand and follow your sit, stand, and come commands.

#5 Pack Your Bag Mindfully

Keep water bowls, poop bags, towels, leash, collar, treats, first-aid kit, and fresh water with you when going to a dark park. Avoid bringing toys as other dogs might want to play with it and that would create a stressful situation.

#6 Watch Your Dog Deliberately

While in the dog park, keep your phone and other work aside and focus all your attention on your dog. Keep an eye on where your dog is going, which dogs he is interacting with, and especially on his body language.

If you see your dog staring, having tense muscles, crouching, or barking, you should be in as near as possible to get your dog out of that stressful situation.

#7 Poop Handling

Not only do you need to pick up your dog's poop, but you should also make sure your dog doesn't go near his or other dog's poop as it can transmit diseases.

#8 Know When To Leave

Leave the dog park as soon as your dog has had his share of fun and exercises. Overtiring can cause increased sensitive behavior and rough reactions in your dog so you should leave the park before that.

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