s Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat In The Holiday Season

Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat In The Holiday Season

Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat In The Holiday Season

  • 11 November, 2021
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Are you excited about the Holidays? You and your furry baby can celebrate holidays together with friends, family, and more. From door-to-door candy mission, thanksgiving dinner to Christmas and new year, pet parents are going to be super packed for the season. Hosting guests, never-ending shopping, and other errands would spare no time to take the best care of your furry baby. While you are busy, booking a dog-sitting for your furry baby on reliable platforms like Cuddlytails can make you worry-free.

Moreover, It's important to think about your pet's safety and wellness. You may be occupied with plenty of bucket lists but can't avoid your dog’s health. Additionally, scheduling a dog walking on Cuddlytails can maintain your dog's fitness. Though pet service providers can make your job easy for the season, having a consciousness of what health hazards your busy routine can bring to your dog should be a priority. Every house has a unique way to celebrate the Holidays, and the food varies too. There are times when you are not watching your dog, and your naive guests feed foods that are dangerous for your dog’s health. To avoid such emergencies, we have listed below foods that dogs should never eat in the Holiday season.

1. Sugar

Every dog owner knows how harmful sugar can be for dogs. However, when hosting a get together, there are chances someone can by mistake feed sugar to your dog. So, it's always a good idea to advise your guests not to feed "human food" to your furry baby. For first-time pet parents, please note that sugar has the same impact on dogs as it does on people. It might lead to diabetes, hypertension, excess weight gain, and dental problems in your dog. Feeding sugar to your dog will harm his health to a large extent. In the Holiday celebration, we all consume foods high in sugar, so it must be avoided for your dog.

2. Chocolate

Chocolates are found in every household during the Holidays celebration. No matter how hard you try to keep your dog indoors while hosting guests, there are times when your dog can eat chocolate without your notice. Chocolate is hazardous to dogs. Theobromine found in chocolate affects your dog's health. Additionally, dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate are highly dangerous for dogs. Chocolate can cause diarrhea, vomiting, heart issues, and more to dogs. So, it's best to either keep an eye on your furry baby or avoid receiving chocolates as a Holiday gift from others.

3. Dough with Yeast

For the Holiday celebration, you might be planning to bake with your dog. During the baking process, you would rest the dough with yeast to rise, but what if your dog consumes it without your notice. The dough will rise in your dog's stomach if he eats it by mistake. As the dough expands within your dog's tummy, it may cause a lot of discomfort. Furthermore, when yeast ferments the dough to raise it, it creates alcohol, leading to alcohol poisoning in your dog. Please keep the dough with yeast out of your dog's reach and place it higher or someplace where your dog cannot find it.

Additional Holiday Safety Tips For Your Furry Baby

- Watch out for the Alcoholic beverages, as after making a toast for celebrations, your guests may leave their glasses with liquor anywhere around the house. That is where your dog with an unmatched sense of smell would reach and lick the class. It only takes a tiny bit of alcohol to injure your dog. It can induce vomiting, diarrhea, coordination problems, breathing difficulties, and other major health problems in your dog. So, avoid such a situation by keeping your dog in his crate or room

- Celebrate Holidays while keeping your pet's safety in mind and never miss out on your dog's walk. Click here to book a dog walker Brooklyn to ensure your furry baby stays refreshed.

- Moreover, platforms like Cuddlytails allow dog owners to schedule dog sitting with verified dog sitters during the busy holidays. You can now sit back and relax while pet sitters and dog walkers with Cuddlytails give your fluffy baby the best time away from you.Click here to book pet sitting for your furry baby!


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