s Toys for Better Health of Your Dog

7 Toys for Mental Stimulation and Better Health of Your Dog

7 Toys for Mental Stimulation and Better Health of Your Dog

  • 19 May, 2022
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Not only toys can extinguish your dogs boredom, but engaging toys can create curiosity and provide the necessary mental stimulation for your dog. Research shows that mentally stimulated dogs are less prone to stress, misbehaving, and other adverse effects. Also, playing with toys allows dogs to harness that excess amount of energy productively rather than utilizing it for unimportant tasks.

Whether your dog likes puzzles, chasing games, rope games, or treat-centered games, these toys will help you and your dog equally:

1. Hide A Squirrel Toy

For parents looking for non treat-centered toys, Hide A Squirrel by Outward Hound is the much needed relief. The game is simple: you stuff squirrels (not real) into the silky tree trunk and let your furry friend take them out. After your dog wins round one, stuff the squirrels again and let your dog indulge in an engaging, fun, and mentally stimulating activity.

2. Hide N Slide Puzzle Toy

This puzzle toy urges dogs to harness and utilize their energy to find the hidden treat beneath the slides providing them rewards for their hard work and generating mental stimulation.

Crafted by Nina Ottosson, the highly-regarded dog toys and puzzles brand, Hide N Slide Puzzle Toy is an interactive exercise for those lazy dogs that want to cuddle with you as soon as they get the chance.

3. Tug-A-Jug

Talk about satisfying combinations, and this Tug-A-Jug toy by PetSafe is a rope toy, chew toy, and food-dispenser in one. Therefore, not only your dog receives mental stimulation and exercises while playing, but also promotes gum and teeth health through chewing. This multi-functionality makes Tug-A-Jug one of the best dog toys for boredom.

4. Kong Classic Dog Toy

Among the category of indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers, this Classic Dog Toy by Kong holds the crown. Being one of the best indestructible stuffed dog toys, you can keep your dog indulged in chewing all day long by stuffing intriguing treats and goodies inside.

Whether you have a puppy, senior, or extreme chewer, this toy comes in multiple sizes to satisfy every dogs needs, provide mental stimulation, and urge them to exercise.

5. Bob-A-Lot

Boredom can cause destructive behavior in your dog, but if your dog plays with Bob-A-Lot by Starmark, the only thing your dog will cause is laughter. Watching your fur baby using their face and feet to release treats and goodies from the anti-slip and tiltable bob is exciting for dog parents as well as the dogs. Also, you can adjust the difficulty to make it easier or harder for your dog to dispense treats.

6. Tricky Treat Ball

Above all, dogs love fetch toys, and Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw stands out among the fetch toys for dogs by introducing a trick: the ball is filled with treats that fall out as your dog rolls it. The more your dog rolls the ball, the more treats come out, urging your fur baby to keep working and get rewarded. This toy will keep your dog busy and stimulate their mind in a rewarding way.

7. Zogoflex Toppl Puzzle Toy

This treat-dispensing chew and fetch Zogoflex Toppl Puzzle Toy by West Paw is determined to occupy your furry friend and prevent him/her from chewing your furniture, sheets, pillows, and anything that can come between their jaws. Recommended for moderate chewers, this puzzle toy comes with the feature to adjust treat-dispensing difficulty, but due to its design, the toy is already more difficult than others. If your dog has outsmarted every other puzzle toy, you should see if they can win this one too.

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