What activities do dogs enjoy5 Fun Ways To Enjoy With Your Dog This Summer

5 Fun Ways To Enjoy With Your Dog This Summer

5 Fun Ways To Enjoy With Your Dog This Summer

  • July 9, 2022
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The weather is warm and you need some fun ways to enjoy it with your dog? Read on to find out!

These are the 5 fun ways to enjoy with your dog this summer:

#1 Soak In A Pool or Lake

Laying for hours in a pool or lake alone is refreshing for your mind and body in summer, but if your furry companion is with you, the fun just increases to a multifold. Whether you swim in your pool, soak in your cityís dog-designated pool, or take a dip in your local lake, one thing is assured Ė youíre gonna have the fun of your lives!

You can splash water on your fur baby, watch him swim swiftly in the water, give your dog some water toys and see him enjoy the water, or do absolutely anything that your imagination allows. However, there are few things you need to consider for your dogís safety:

  • If your dog hasnít swam before, always stay near him and stay in the shallow end. You can also leash him if you want to until he learns to swim.
  • If youíre on a boat, make sure your dog is wearing a life jacket.
  • Stay away from blue-green algae because they might be harmful for your dog.

PS: You can also go kayaking or boating with your pretty pet but just remember the safety gears!

#2 Watch At A Drive-In Theater

Are you and your dog both cinephiles? Well then, what could be better than watching your favorite movie at a drive in theater with your fur baby? Lay down on your back seat or fold it up for some extra space to snuggle with your dog and enjoy the drama on a cool summer evening.

Water and snacks are a must to satisfy your hydration needs and cravings; and also take a blanket in case you decide to lie down inside or outside the car. However, if your dog starts feeling not so good or needs potty breaks, you need to also park at a place such that you donít disturb the others. Parking near the back or the sides is the best scenario as it will allow you to move swiftly without disrupting othersí fun.

#3 Hiking And Camping

Since itís summer, who doesnít like tall trees offering taller shades and the cold breezes dropping the nightís temperature? If you are looking for some nature and thinking about spending the night in a forest, then you can hike and camp with your furry companion.

Other than the obvious supplies like water and food, make sure you talk to your vet about flea and tick prevention as the flea season would be prevailing. Also, if youíre hiking on rocky mountains or a tough area, your dog can wear dog shoes to protect his paws.

#4 Doggy Dates

You can contact nearby pet parents and arrange playdates with their dogs in the shade of your backyard, a dog-friendly cafť, dog parks, or in your home. To make sure that your dog spends some quality time, you should arrange playdates with puppies of similar interests, age, energy, and size as your dog or they wonít get together and your plan wonít work.

#5 Mingle in the Sprinkle

In case you canít go to an outdoor pool, lake, or beach or donít have an indoor permanent or plastic pool, sprinklers would work just fine. In the blazing heat, your dog only wants cool water on his skin and furs Ė it doesnít matter where it comes from. So, let your dog bathe and enjoy the sprinklers and relieve the heat. However, if you donít have a lawn sprinkler, you can also use your water pipe to throw a cold stream on your pup and watch him jump the same way.

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