Tips to walk young pup5 Tips To Walk A Young Pup

5 Tips To Walk A Young Pup

5 Tips To Walk A Young Pup

  • August 25, 2022
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Getting a new puppy can be hard work, they are energetic, naughty, and troublesome and all like newborn babies! They need to be taught every single thing and it is just like being new parents. The most important thing for a dog's health, happiness, and joy is their doggie walks!

Unfortunately catering to a puppy's needs can be tough when you have an up and running job, don't have an athletic demeanor or are a new and upcoming dog walker who is skimming through this article for easy tips and tricks. So don't worry, we got you! We present to you simple techniques and tricks you will need to walk your cute furry friend so you don't have to worry about their behavior when you drop them to doggie daycare as a pet parent and don't have to swear it during your professional hours as a dog walker!

These are the 5 Tips To Walk A Young Pup:

#1 Leash train your pets at home

This is the first step to training your pet to be a well behaved baby on their daily walks. As the puppies are young and have no clue on what a leash or a harness is, it is always good to tie a leash on and help your pet walk around the house for a few minutes every day. Through this your dog will be used to the concept of the leash and will stick to it when he or she is overwhelmed by the environment.

#2 Start of the first walk slowly

By starting them off slowly, we mean taking the young one around your house first so that they are familiar with the environment closest to home. With this, your puppy will not get nervous and feel insecure of their belonging in your life. So, a few minutes every day in and around the house will help your pet have the confidence they need.

#3 Eye contact

We humans need a contact to survive as it is a form of intimacy and love. Similarly, your pet, especially when they are a puppy, need the right amount of eye contact with you while you are out on your walks so that they can trust you and have that confidence in you. A young puppy is always going to be nervous and will not know how to behave during the doggie walks. It is essential for you to indulge in positive reinforcement and constantly make eye contact with your pet the moment you feel them getting jittery or nervous. This will give them confidence as well as put more trust in their relationship with you.

#4 Setting a time

Setting a time is extremely important as you need discipline and a certain routine in your pet's life. So, setting a proper and strict timing for their walks during mornings and evenings will help them get used to the routine as well as you can potty train them during their walks. Another strong reason for this is when you have to leave your pet for boarding services or pet sitting. The fact that they will be well trained is going to help you as well as the ones who are catering for their needs. Thus it is essential to set a proper time so that your pet and you do not suffer.

#5 Going for proper walks

Finally at the last step you and your pet will be able to go for proper walks and your pet will not be nervous or overwhelmed by their environment. It is extremely important to lease train your dogs and follow the foremost steps otherwise you and your pet will suffer and your relationship might get hampered as going for walks is the most important part of the day.

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