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4 Dangerous Foods to Avoid this Easter

4 Dangerous Foods to Avoid this Easter

  • 14 April, 2022
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It's one of the most joyful and delightful seasons of the year. Spring has arrived, a beautiful occasion to rejoice with delicious food. However, some of the things that make Easter so enjoyable for us can be hazardous to our pets.

Here are some suggestions for feeding your pets safe this holiday weekend.

4 Toxic Foods To Avoid

1. Chocolates

Kids may have a lot of fun looking for hidden chocolate Easter eggs around the house. However, for your pets, it might prove hazardous. Theobromine, a chemical toxic to dogs, is present in chocolate. If you're doing a chocolate Easter egg hunt, keep them out of reach of your pets. Some healthier dessert options for your dog include Banana pudding, Sweet Veggies or Yogurt with berries treat.

2. Hot Cross Buns

While they may be an Easter staple in many households, hot cross buns often contain sultanas, raisins, and currants, which are highly toxic to dogs. Therefore we recommend avoiding them. The best alternative to hot cross buns is to treat your dog with Fruit popsicles (blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, bananas, raspberries, etc.

3. Tulips

When you see these lovely flowers in bloom, you know spring has arrived. However, try to keep your pets away. Dogs are affected by glycosides found in tulips. Because tulip bulbs have the most significant percentage of glycosides, they are highly toxic. We recommend using flowers like rose, sunflower, zinnia, gerber daisy, etc., which are the best pet-friendly options available.

4. Onions, Garlic & Leeks

You may find yourself tempted to share a bite or two of your Easter meal with your furry pet but avoid the temptation. Disulphides and thiosulphates are chemicals found in onions, garlic, and leeks harmful to your pet. Keep your pet's diet healthy by adding carrots, cucumbers, or green beans as a healthier alternative.

Easter treats that are safe and healthy for your pets

Don't worry, just because human food isn't always suitable for our pets doesn't mean we can't give them plenty of other tasty, healthful treats! Apart from the alternatives mentioned above, you can consider healthy treats like Carrot Mini-Muffins, Cream Cheese Easter Nests, Peeps Dog Treats and Kosher Treats.

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